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The Westin Resort and Spa

Whistler, British Columbia

The owners of the Westin Resort and Spa in Whistler retained JRS to provide a second opinion of a previously performed building envelope assessment, and to perform a supplementary assessment to help define a maintenance and repair scope. Originally constructed in 2000, the 9-story complex includes a drained EIFS system, stone cladding, pitched metal roof shingles, and roof decks. The buildings are constructed over a multi-level underground parking garage.

Once the key building envelope elements’ condition and performance were assessed, JRS worked closely with the owners and Murphy Construction in defining maintenance and targeted repairs to improve aesthetics and snow and water management. A mock-up phase of repairs was undertaken to define the scope and costs, and the balance of work was carried out in 6 phases over 5 years. This included painting, sealant replacement, isolated EIFS replacement, improved flashings and details, snow clips, and gutter installation. During each phase JRS provided a complete set of drawings and specifications, assisted with permit application, performed field reviews, and provided Letters of Assurance as required by the Resort Municipality of Whistler.