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New Westminster, BC

JRS was retained to provide building envelope consulting services for the design and construction of the Ovation project. Ovation is a 29-storey concrete tower with four-levels of below-grade parking. The building envelope includes both rainscreen clad walls (with brick veneer and metal panel cladding) and painted mass concrete walls. Glazing consists of thermally broken aluminum framed window walls with insulated glazing units. There are low-slope roofs and roof decks that are waterproofed and protected with landscaping, wood decking, or concrete pavers.

JRS consults on the envelope design and construction with respect to environmental separation and the performance of materials, components, and assemblies. We address air, moisture, and precipitation control issues related to walls, glazing, roofing, waterproofing, and interfaces between building envelope components.


GBL Architects


Domus Homes

Quick Facts

  • Steeply sloping terrain presented a number of both design challenges and opportunities for the site.
  • The project includes a separate 6-storey building that will be overseen by Performing Arts Lodges Vancouver and used for non-market rental housing for seniors.