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MIB Community Buildings


JRS was retained to provide building envelope consulting services for maintenance planning as part of the Managed Maintenance Plans (MMPs) for three MIB community buildings, the:

  • Cultural Pavilion is a one-storey building that has a circular floor plan and foyer at the entrance. Large amounts of people enter and exit the building daily that can increase moisture loading of the interior space, which in turn puts additional load on the mechanical systems./li>
  • Community Centre is a two-storey concrete building that is located in open terrain which has more exposure to climaticconditions and natural forces (e.g. UV degradation, driving rain, ice damping, and animal droppings).
  • Administrative Office is a two-storey wood and steel framed building. Marine environments can cause accelerated corrosion in various metals due to the corrosive properties of marine air

The condition of the building envelope, mechanical, electrical, and interior assemblies and systems were generally reviewed in order to develop maintenance recommendations, frequencies, and cost estimates for various scopes of upkeep.

Quick Facts

JRS developed maintenance costs for the envelope, mechanical, electrical, conveyance, and interior components. Costing is in unit rate and building per year format. Unit rates assist in developing cost estimates and scope of maintenance; the yearly costing is utilized for high-level financial planning.