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Vancouver, BC

JRS Engineering  was retained to provide building envelope consulting services for the design and construction of the
Kaslo. This complex is a 3-storey multi-residential modular building. Modular construction is a technique that builds through
modules that are manufactured off-site. The modules are then transported to site and joined together to make one integrated
building. Once the modules are assembled, and the integration is complete, the structure is virtually indistinguishable from
those built by traditional construction methods.

JRS consulted on the envelope design and construction with respect to environmental separation and the performance
of materials, components, and assemblies. We addressed air, moisture, and precipitation control issues related to walls,
glazing, roofing, waterproofing, and interfaces between building envelope components.


Boni-Maddison Architects


Horizon North Logistics Inc.

Quick Facts

This project is part of a combined strategy through BC Housing, the City of Vancouver, and Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency (VAHA) to provide Vancouver’s homeless community with immediate and affordable housing through the development of multi-residential modular buildings.