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JRS Newly Appointed Shareholders

JRS is delighted to announce the addition of five new shareholders to our ownership team – continuing our commitment to excellence and sustainable corporate growth by expanding our ownership and recognizing key people who are core to the success and future of JRS.

By demonstrating outstanding commitment to JRS, a depth of expertise in their respective fields, and embodying our Core Values, our newly appointed shareholders have been integral to the sustained growth and advancement of JRS. Their diverse expertise reflects the depth of in-house knowledge that spans JRS and exemplifies our dedication to providing best-in-class services through industry and organizational excellence.

Our new shareholders include:

Andrew Lett, M.Eng., P.Eng., NFRC Certified Simulator
Project Engineer, Building Science

Andrew Robertson, P.Eng.
Project Engineer, Building Science

Lydia Dubravcic, CGA, CPA
Financial Controller

Mike Dietrich, M.A.Sc. P.Eng.
Principal, Building Science
Calgary Branch Manager

Negar Khalesi, M.Eng., EIT
Engineer, Building Science

Guided by the proven leadership of our Principals, Associates, and Shareholders, we are positioned to continuously deliver on our mission: to lead our profession by consistently delivering high-quality services, maintaining and cultivating our technical knowledge, and valuing our clients’ goals.

The addition of our new shareholders reflects our commitment to sustainable corporate growth through ongoing career advancement opportunities for our people, the pursuit of top-tier talent, and expansion into new service areas and regions.

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