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Sierras West

If a harsh interior environment creates intolerable deterioration ... replace the building envelope with a high performing structure and enclosure to achieve a long-term solution.

In 2017, JRS Engineering was engaged to perform a Building Envelope Condition Assessment at Sierras West condominiums in southwest Calgary. While performing thermal imaging on the facade, we noted increased heat transfer through the pool walls, suggesting damp wall components. Upon closer investigation, we realized that the structural elements supporting the roof and wall were significantly deteriorated because of pool acrylic stucco detailing allowing precipitation ingress and poor vapour barrier detailing allowing water in from incredibly high interior air and vapour pressures. No flashings or adequate drainage planes behind the acrylic stucco ensured minimal drying potential .JRS Engineering designed an entirely new wall assembly, including all structural elements and envelope elements. Mechanical systems were also upgraded as part of the work, to ensure that interior air pressures were maintained as lower than outside. JRS Tendered the work and provided contract administration services and field review throughout the project, leaving the owners with a durable and sound wall assembly and mechanical system.

If you’re a property manager who has clients with building envelope needs of any magnitude, a property owner who needs assessment and repairs, a professional who is interested in working in structural restoration or building sciences, or just generally interested in what we do, give us a call! We love what we do and are happy to assist you in whatever capacity we can!