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City of Bellevue Parks

Bellevue, WA

JRS assessed roofing systems at five Bellevue Parks Department buildings. The Highland Community Center (a historic building) and Koh Property had asphalt shingles. The Crossroads Annex and Northwest Arts Center had built-up roofing over plywood decking. The Bellevue Aquatic Center, of concrete and steel construction, had insulation with roofing membranes above.

JRS evaluated existing conditions, developed repair strategies for each building, and produced bidding and construction documents for chosen repairs, including drawings and specifications. JRS worked closely with the roofing contractor and the City of Bellevue to successfully complete these projects. We provided construction administration services, including submittal reviews and field reviews.

New roofing systems designed by JRS for these buildings included torch-applied 2-ply SBS membranes on low-slope roofs, and 50-year asphalt shingles on pitched roofs. Included in these designs were new drains, stack flashings, copings, skylights, windows, mechanical equipment integrations, and tie-ins to a variety of other existing assemblies.