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Concord Pacific Eau Claire

Where Beauty and Performance meet:

JRS Engineering has been involved with numerous new construction projects where architectural features necessitate complex integration of wall and roof systems. In both our Canadian and U.S. offices, we have worked with window wall manufacturers and curtain wall manufacturers locally and internationally to develop systems that work for our clients’ needs. Based on our knowledge of building systems and their integration, we work with developers to achieve high performing buildings that have unique architectural shapes.

The featured photograph shows Phase One of the Concord Pacific Eau Claire development in downtown Calgary. We were also engaged to perform an energy model and detailed architectural plan review of Phase Two of the Concord Pacific Eau Claire development to ensure that the unique architectural style, which transitions beautifully between the Bow River scenery and Calgary’s downtown landscape, remains thermally efficient and high performing, providing comfort and durability for years to come.

The architect on this project was IBI, who provided design out of their Vancouver office and contract administration out of their Calgary office. JRS Engineering has been involved in this project since its inception to provide advice on envelope design. After construction was completed, JRS Engineering also performed commissioning testing for air and water tightness. This final design check validated the field services and plan reviews performed to date.