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Apple Greene Park

What does $14+ million dollars (construction costs), 9+ years (5 phases), 15+ engineers, architects and consultants (under one roof) get you?
The Apple Greene Park Strata Corporation got a new, fully rehabilitated, building envelope. If your building also requires major envelope repairs, JRS can help.

The Apple Greene Park complex, built circa 1974, is comprised of 8 three-storey apartment-style buildings and a two-storey amenity building located in Richmond, BC.  The buildings incorporate a variety of construction styles, including: “mansard” slope walls that add additional protection for the structure as well as “curtain wall” glazing at the amenity building.

In 2014, JRS Engineering was retained by the Apple Greene Park Strata Corporation to provide a second opinion letter, depreciation report and design services for a preliminary trial repair.  The success of the repair led to a five-year, three-phased, multi-million-dollar building envelope repair project on approximately 40% of the building elevations in the complex.  This included replacing roofing, windows, wall cladding, and balcony assemblies, as well as replacement of wood guardrails with aluminum Longboard at the first-floor level.  Additionally, JRS was retained to redesign and replace the curtain-wall window system around the central staircase (rotunda) of the amenity building.

As Phase 3 approached completion, the Strata Council engaged JRS to formulate a plan to address the rest of the property.  The final phase (Phase 4) commenced in January 2019 and is a 4½ year-long project expected to be completed by 2023.

In addition to our standard work scope (design, tender, permitting, field reviews, contract administration), a number of other unique features were included in this project:

  • Architectural renderings of new glazing and guardrails to avoid a development permit
  • Replacement of curtain wall glazing from wood to a steel frame, single to double glazed
  • Use of aluminum boards that look like cedar, known as a Longboard
  • Unique services provided:
    • Second opinion
    • Informational presentations at six AGMs, SGMs and Townhall meetings
    • Two depreciation reports
    • Letters to lenders
    • Contractor cost and tender negotiation
    • Mechanical and code assistance
    • Financial planning and legal support
    • Targeted exploratory and leak investigative work
    • Collaboration with trades outside of the contract

Project stats: $15M+, 9+ years, 5 phase project, using 15+ materials, structural, mechanical, and environmental engineers, architects, code consultants, and technologists.