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Abbotsford Law Courts

JRS Engineering is very excited to have been chosen as the building envelope consultant for the new Abbotsford Law Courts building.

We will be working with PCL, WZMH Architects from Toronto, and a team of other consultants to design a new institutional building and parkade to LEED Gold standards containing space for supreme and provincial courts, court administration and a host of other judicial and community related spaces. This is the first time the Province of British Columbia has put all these users under one roof and this building may set the precedence for future courthouse projects in BC.

This new building is being constructed in contract known as a public private partnership or triple “P” (PPP). This type of project delivery model first involves various design-build teams being assembled and working together collaboratively to come up with a proposed design and associated cost for consideration by the entity which will eventually own and operate the facility. For a period of 30 years after construction, the PPP assumes all required maintenance and renewal costs of facility.

It is this aspect which forces the design-build team to adopt a more owner-like approach and more fully consider life-cycle costs when making various design and construction decisions. It is this aspect of a PPP project which draws on JRS Engineering’s extensive experience in analyzing and addressing building envelope issues associated with durability. Doug Eaton is the Senior Project Manager at JRS Engineering who is applying his extensive knowledge in this field to assist the Abbotsford Law Courts PPP team develop design and construction solutions that not only maximizes the performance of the building envelope while minimizing initial construction costs, but also considers future maintenance and renewal aspects as well.