construction & project management

JRS construction managerWe offer a full range of project management and construction management services to help your project run smoothly and cost-effectively.  Some of the benefits of these services include:

  • Better coordination & team productivity = cost & time savings
  • Improved product quality & better documentation
  • Potential risks identified & avoided before becoming problems
  • Better communication to keep you up to date on progress &
    help you achieve your goals

JRS’ full-service project and construction management services can help you realize all of these benefits, and our team's many years of diverse industry experience means that we know the ins and outs of construction and can help you realize the most value for your dollar.

About Project Management & Construction Management

Our Project Managers do exactly that—they work directly with you to manage the project on your behalf, from start to finish.  The project manager helps manage design, select consultant(s), tender the project, and select the best contractor for the job.  During construction, they oversee the project team's work and the overall project schedule, and attend to risk management, comprehensive quality assurance and quality control.

 Our Construction Managers manage all aspects of construction , including hiring and overseeing the sub trades directly on your behalf and are responsible for project quality assurance and quality control.  The end result of "cutting out the middle man" typically results in savings in time and cost. 

Because no two projects are exactly the same, the services we provide can be tailored to suit your project needs.  If you would like assistance defining the services you’re likely to need, please call us or click here to email our project & construction management services department.  We will get back to you within one business day (or sooner).