Depreciation/Reserve Fund Studies

JRS is the first engineering firm in BC to have completed the Certified Reserve Planner program with REIC (Real Estate Institute of Canada). This means that our financial analysis is consistent with nationally recognized standards. We’re also the only engineering firm in Canada to be members of APRA (Association of Professional Reserve Analysts) and have a PRA (Professional Reserve Analyst). This means that we take part in a requisite amount of industry related professional development and that our Depreciation Reports have been reviewed and approved by the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts, the world's trade organization for reserve study professionals.

We've completed and are working on over 160 Depreciation Reports and currently working with over 65 property management firms, which include property, asset, facility and hotel managers, as well as Strata councils and condo co-op boards. Our Depreciation Report Division consists of engineers, estimators and technologists, as well as other administrative, technical, and financial support staff. 

JRS Engineering Depreciation Reports

No other consulting firm offers all 3 facets of reserve planning. 

For more information, please see our Depreciation Report Services Brochure that showcases our team profile, past projects and everything you need to know about obtaining your Depreciation Report. You can also learn more through our 10-step Guide to Depreciation Report Process.

If you have any questions or would like us to send you a fee proposal, please call or email our Division Manager, Wesley Narciso.